What just happened...I bathed in a Sound Bath


I started playing around with the vibration of the crystal bowls while leading a teacher training in Costa Rica. I loved the way they sounded after a yoga class. Then after being home in Pittsburgh I started researching the effects of the sounds of these bowls.  Each bowl is designed to emit a different frequency based on the chakra system in the body.

I found a workshop on a Friday night in town called a "Sound Bath". I didn't really know what this was but I was interested. I walked into this big high ceiling space and it was already full of all ages of people putting down yoga mats and blankets. There was a handful of kids with their parents.  It was quiet and I felt a little nervous and unsure.  The teacher was soft spoken as she announced to make room as others were still coming in to join us. I found a space in the back, by the door just in case I needed to make a quick get away. I set up my mat and already felt the calmness of the room melt away some of the craziness of my week. After going I still do not know exactly happened in the hour I was lying down on a yoga mat with my eyes closed.

We started with a guided meditation and then the music bowls were singing accompanied by the occasional didgeridoo. I could feel the physical sensation of the sound in different parts of my body. The really surprising part was that I didn't drift off like I normally do in meditation. The sounds and music kept me present and my body felt light. I was in a dreamy but highly aware state. My body was relaxed and my mind wasn't racing on to the next thing.

The sounds of the different crystal bowls have different frequencies touted to harmonize your body.  I left feeling like I took a long physical yoga class but it was really an hour of the sound cleansing my energy. Sound has been used throughout history by many cultures for meditation, prayer and healing. 

I don't know how the time passed so quickly, but when I got up to leave I felt "heavily meditated".  The feeling was similar to getting a massage.  I was in a euphoric state. I went home and had one of the best sleeps in a long time. The next day I emailed the girl and set up a Sound Bath at our Amazing Yoga studio.  I can't wait for all of our students and teachers to experience this powerful healing and restorative meditation and I am looking forward attending the workshop myself.


Karen ConleyComment