3 Yoga Tips for Busy Moms

how to maintain your practice even when life gets hectic

One morning, I was rushing my little boy off to school. We had several mishaps, so we were a bit behind. I was getting his shoes, and he was playing with the dog. I looked over and with my voice raised and said, “You have to hurry up. We’re going to be late!”   

He looked back and responded, “Mommy, I don’t like to hurry.” In his six-year-old wisdom, he knows that hurrying feels terrible.  

I admit I am a bit of a busy bee. I have a hard time knowing when to stop. I justify it, as I am running a business, raising four kids, do grocery shopping and laundry until I literally fall in my bed exhausted and drained. Some days I feel like my dog, just chasing his tail in circles all day.  

I have been lucky enough to find my friend yoga. Yoga has taught me that being busy is not a badge of honor to wear, but it is a distraction from all the beautiful moments in my life that I am missing, especially when I am rushing and stressing. When I am over-scheduled and feel constantly self pressured to get things done, I miss out on being present. I have not at all mastered or beaten my craving to be busy, but I have learned how to recognize and do something about it when it happens. I have learned that when I get in this tailspin, it is not productive for me or anyone else in my life.

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