Amazing Women Goddess Retreat


There’s just something about a Yoga Goddess Retreat that brings the best, least judgmental, incredibly kind, impressively friendly, contagiously curious and most importantly, wonderful fun women. We spent 5 nights in sunny, gorgeous Costa Rica meditating, practicing yoga, zip lining, hiking waterfalls, salsa lessons, meeting new friends and just BEING.

In our day to day lives we are constantly trying to change our health, our bodies or our feelings and when you step away and focus on just BEING it opens up the possibility of connecting with what we already have and who we already are. This time away is not about trying to throw away all the parts we don't like it's about befriending and empowering who we already are.


We spent our mornings taking silent meditation hikes through the coffee plantations.  We followed up the hike sipping local coffee with breakfast of fresh fruit and homemade bread.


There is something magical that happens at these gatherings.  You gather a group of people who mostly do not know each other under the premise of YOGA and some magic alchemy of love and kindness and endemic laughter breaks out.  The laughter especially comes when you gather a group of girls with a local salsa teacher to break out your best moves.


The days are filled with either resting by the pool or indulging in healing massages or option to take excursions and experience some of the local culture of Costa Rica.  Sometimes we have to be far from home to give ourselves permission to relax and rejuvenate. When you change your surroundings even for a short time you see things differently. 


We closed our time together taking part in a Cacao Ceremony where you drink chocolate (cacao) which is a powerful heart opener and aids in the transformational shifts that you are working towards.  We know the nature of women is to gather, nurture and share and we also know that when women with passion and open hearts come together, MAGIC happens. 








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